MEGA Super Size Single Mums

These things are huge!   The flower is a 10 inch Flower!!


This is part of the MEGA category.

MEGAs are your over the top extravagant award winning mums!  They are just simply WOW!!  MEGAs have so many handmade and custom items that you won't find anywhere else!  Your MEGA will be one of the most amazing mums in school.  They are truly impressive in size and design and they ALWAYS get lots of attention when on display.  You won't find a more amazing mum ANYWHERE!  These have more detail than any other mums on the market!  If you want something out of this world - then that is a MEGA MUM!


There is so much more on these than you can see in the pictures.

  All of my Mega Mums have tons of stuff on them!  I literally keep adding stuff until I can add anymore!


Seeing is believing - see the Melz Mumz difference. 

  Check out our PHOTO ALBUM for tons of photos of our mums!

All MEGA Mums will include any sports, cheerleading, drill team, or band theme if specified.  This includes themed trinkets, garland, charms, ornaments, etc.  We try to make all mums to reflect the person it's made for!



 See EXTRAS EXAMPLES page for pictures of items listed here or visit our  FAQ page to answer most any question.

MEGA Super Single Mum $369



  • 10" 25 Layer White Mum!! HUGE!!

  • Specialty Ribbon Multi Layer Backing

  • 6" Plush Bear big bow

  • Custom decorated top with Specialty Items

  • Extra Layers of Ribbon Streamers

  • 12 Various Printed Ribbons

  • 2 Homecoming Ribbons

  • 2 Class Ribbons (Senior, Etc)

  • 5 Honeycomb Ribbons

  • 3 Ice Crunch Ribbons

  • 2 Superlane Ribbons

  • 6 Holographic Ribbons

  • 6 Diamond Dust Ribbons

  • 2 Diamond Like Ribbon

  • 2 Diamond Like Garland

  • 2  Strands of Garland

  • 10 Various Trinkets

  • Class Star (Senior, etc)

  • 2 Ornaments with bows

  • 3 - 1" Cowbells on braids

  • 2 - 1.25" Cowbells on Name Loop & Braid

  • 1 - 1.75" Cowbell on Homecoming Loop

  • 1 - 3" Cowbell Hanging w/ Bow

  • Jumbo Jingle Bell with large bow

  • Bows on Loops, Braids and Trinkets

  • Charms, Trinkets, Rhinestones, etc on bows

  • Multi Layer Specialty Ribbon Homecoming Loop

  • Custom Made Large Homecoming Letters

  • Multi Layer Specialty Ribbon Name Loop

  • Custom Made Large Name Letters

  • 2nd Multi Layer Specialty Ribbon Name Loop or School Loop

  • Custom Made Large Name or School Letters

  • Bubbles

  • Treat Bag

  • Custom Cut Lettering

  • Ribbon Burst

  • Double Military Braid

  • Box Braid

  • Victory Braid

  • Spirit Braid

  • Curly Q Braid

  • Whip Braid

  • Two SUPER Heavy Weight 180 gram Chandelle Boas!

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