MEGA Single Garter

These are the absolute best garters anywhere!  The ribbons are 18" long!  


It has so much stuff on it - you will be amazed!  They are very substantial in size and there are many unique & custom items made exclusively for the person wearing it!  You won't find a better one out there! New!! 3 sets of loops!


Seeing is believing - see the Melz Mumz difference. 

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Mega Single Garter $169

(18' Streamers)



  • 7" White Flower 

  • Double Satin Garter

  • Triple Ribbon Backing (specialty ribbon included)

  • Custom Decorated Top

  • 4" Bear with bow

  • Sports, Music or Other theme

  • TONS of 18" Ribbon Streamers

  • 6 Various Printed Ribbons

  • 2 Class Ribbons (Senior, etc)

  • 2 Clear Printed Ribbons

  • 2 Honeycomb Ribbons

  • 3 Ice Crunch Ribbons

  • 1 Superlane Ribbons

  • 4 Holographic Ribbons

  • 2 Diamond Dust Ribbons

  • 2 Strands of Garland

  • 7 Various Trinkets

  • 1 Class Trinket (Senior, etc)

  • 2 - 1" cowbell

  • 2 - 1.25" cowbell

  • Bows on loops/braids

  • Trinkets and Charms on bows

  • Double Ribbon Homecoming Loop

  • Two Name Loops (one name on each loop or school name on one loop) 

  • Name and Homecoming Sticker Choice

  • Box Braid

  • Satin Military Braid

  • Victory Braid

  • Spirit Braid

  • Curly Q Braid

  • Whip Braid


All MEGA Garters will include any sports, cheerleading, drill team, or band theme if specified.  This includes themed trinkets, garland, charms, ornaments, etc.  We try to make all garters to reflect the person it's made for!


 See EXTRAS EXAMPLES page for pictures of items listed here and size difference or visit our  FAQ page to answer most any question.

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